What does this error message mean, is it a glitch or is it something I'm doing wrong?



Ugh! I did exactly what @AdyElly suggested, but it still does not work. I keep getting the error message: “Cannot resume from a story node that is not found!”

It’s driving me insane!!! Why does this happen the day I finally get myself to writing :frowning:

Any other suggestions anyone?


I was on a roll but this glitch has dampened my spirits haha


OMG! :sweat:
I have Mozilla Firefox and it worked cleaning all that stuffs. I don’t know what to say.
Try to submit an help tickets to the support team.


Thanks! I tried using Mozilla! It works a lot better than Safari. I still get the error but less often. I wonder if it has something to do with me using a laptop instead of a desktop.


I work on laptop too. I don’t think it counts if it’s desktop or laptop. Maybe it matters how efficient it is. I don’ know. :sweat:
I hope they’ll fix this soon.


now… I don’t have any errors, my preview just freezes :persevere:


Haha, whatever next?! :roll_eyes:

"Stupid" questions that never get answered? Get The Help Here!

I did said in my ticket that I tried everything yet still telling me to try all these things :weary:


This is ridiculous. I have unlimited passes that I payed for and I can’t even use them


Has anyone else figured out a way to resolve this error? I’ve tried everything but still doesn’t work.


Sweet mother of freaking doughnut. I cannnnaaaaaaaahhhht with this sh*t. I followed the necessary procedures but STILL there are problems. I would like to think Episode is planning to provide some debugging coding (idek I am not Mr Robot, sorry).


It’s laborious but I found refreshing to help -_-


I refreshed my page around 50 times today :weary: I’m not enjoying working on my story at all…


It’s getting frustrating now and me too, it’s the case of direct a bit. Ooh lemme see how that looks, goes on preview, ERROR, refresh, rinse and repeat -_-


I’m saving my script every few lines and every scene requires playing because I need to use spot directing. I can’t even play my scene from the middle of it anymore :weary: if I play from the beginning it works but not always :expressionless:


Yeah…My preview was working JUST fine before this update. :upside_down_face::unamused::roll_eyes:


So i’m not the only one who finds this error annoying!


I know how you feel. Finally working again, yet here I am working hella hard to finish my first episode and it crashes again hahaha


It’s glitching again? It’s been working for me so far…
Keep it up despite all the crashing haha x


Thanks Kax! Same to you!