What does this symbol mean?


What does this thumbs up symbol mean in notifications?

It don’t think it says it in the formatting rules - I’ve checked.

Winter :snowflake:


Is it maybe for when you are invited to check out a thread?


I thought that could be it but I’m not sure. :thinking:


Do you want to try inviting me to a thread, and I’ll see if I get that notification symbol?


I don’t know how to invite someone to a thread lol. :woman_shrugging:t3:


It’s at the very bottom of a thread. You just type in a persons username. I could also just invite you to a thread if you’d like to test it.


Please invite me. :smile:


I never saw that because I’m usually on my phone. :joy:


That is what it means! :scream:

Wow, thanks. :blush:


No problem. I was curious too, lol. :smile:


@Ryan @Jeremy Please close. :slight_smile: