What does your custom character look like?

Is it just me who will read a story and be like oo customisable characters I can make them look however I want. But then create the exact same character with the exact same name as the last 5 stories I read? The same with love interests!
So my question is, what does your main character look like in a typical story? Here’s mine:


I normally do mine similar to look like me but with a different hairstyle or hair colour to change it up however recently I’ve just been leaving them as the author makes them unless I really dislike a feature (:


I change up the MC from time to time but the LI is basically the same every time. I used to have them look like the girl and guy version of each other (Not on purpose) but people pointed out that they look like siblings so I tried to avoid making them look like that. :skull: That is just messed up. I will see if I can find a SS.



I usually leave most of the features to how the author portrays them so I can have the full experience and envision the story exactly how the author intended it to be.
Although there are some features I will absolutely not have on my characters so if I see those I change them but I never change anything major.


My MC nearly always looks exactly like this except for changes in hairstyle:


My LI varies, but often looks something like this:


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I pretty much have MCs and LIs looking like this for every CC story I read (with MC getting my deets and the LI having alternating deets):




I mostly just use the same characters



Vice versa if there is a male MC

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I’m a male user, so whenever I play stories with a female mc only, I always make her look different. If I’m able to play as a male, I make him look like myself:

And I always go with male love interests, and they usually all look more or less the same :joy:
Here’s my main mans:


I used to do that too! They looked like twins for around 3 months of reading episode stories😩


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