What does your dream house look like?

Just curious you know? You can put a picture from google as an example or describe them, which ever you prefer.

My dream house would be an old haunted church on a cemetery property, especially if it’s where my parents and I will be buried. I know that will never happen because I’m pretty sure it’s illegal and dangerous but one can dream. And I can settle for a simple gothic home where it’s Halloween all year. What about you?



I like the “typical American townhouse” style homes, so my dream house would be something like that. Not too big, not too small, not too “Wow!” and not too dull. Rates wouldn’t be through the roof like they would with a mansion. I love having a little bit of land too so I have privacy and a bit more freedom.

I’ve been a country person most of my life so I really value having plenty of space away from neighbors and having the space (and no apartment rules holding me back) to accommodate pretty much whatever pet I would like. Only downside is how much work goes into maintaining such vast spaces of grass and gardens.


This is a great topic!

My dream is a cottage-style tiny house. I also love colorful decor, so the inside would be pretty maximalist.

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I would like to like in a big mansion, where every facility is available from a swimming pool to a private gym and even a home theater.

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My dream house is probably expensive as hell :sob:

Exterior-wise; Appealing color palette. I like houses that have shapes built into the roof even if it’s something simple like a parting in the middle. A porch would be nice too especially if it has railings. Land isn’t that big of a deal but I would want to be able to do things if I needed to, like room for a vegetable garden and a space for recreation.

Interior-wise; For a kitchen I would want lots of cabinets and I love having a kitchen Island, I know I don’t want stainless steel appliances because they’re annoying to clean. Three bedrooms so I could have a master, guest and an extra room if I have kids. I need a spacious closet because I have so many freaking clothes… I never completely outgrew my childhood clothes and my mom is the same size (shoe and clothing wise) as me so I got her hand me downs and some of my brother’s :weary:. I think two full bathrooms would be enough, it’d also be nice to have a linen closet. I’d also love to have garage (2 car) so I could store seasonal decorations without having to pay for a storage unit. Also then I could maybe have a garage sale to get rid of my clothes. And the final thing would be having a little closet in the house for a stackable dryer and washer.


I really like the ranch style mansions :weary:


I think these are the types of houses I would want to live in, in the future. :sweat_smile: I don’t live in the US so I don’t know if these are regular houses that everyone has in the US. I live in the UK, London to be exact and our houses look like sh*t sorry for the language.

I’m aware that houses in the US usually have a lot of land? (Maybe in certain states) and that’s something I dream of, a place to run about or do whatever I please to :joy: and if there’s loads of space too would be nice.

I live in a flat currently and my dream is to live in a house really instead :relaxed: a garden, and just whatever you see down below :see_no_evil:


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