What does your future look like?

Hello lovely episodians!!
So, I’ve noticed a huuuge diversity in this community and I am loving it.
I thought it would be nice for people to share their goals in life: where do you want to be, what career path are you hoping to go down and what makes you happy!

I am currently a student nurse, and hopefully I will eventually get my hands on a masters degree in cardiology in the future :woman_health_worker:t3:

What does your future look like :thinking:


I am currently a 9th grade and I wish myself to be an IAS


I’m a junior in high school, still figuring out my exact career path but probably an English teacher or a college counselor or something similar ^-^


Where I want to be in 10 years : I would love to have my own island . . . but I don’t think that will happen in 10 years, maybe 20 ?

The Career Path I want in 10 years : I want to work for either the FBI or U.S. Marshals or even I.C.E. (any gov - letter agency)

The Education goal I want in 10 years : I want a Masters in Criminology / Administrative Justice - even though doctor sounds cool, having a doctorate degree won’t really help in the field, plus they only hire people under 32 soo . . . . I need to get going x-3


Would you study yourself?

Anyway, I plan to get a degree in accounting, but that is open to change.
I would like to do some traveling too.
Even though I don’t consider it a necessity, I am open to the idea of marriage.
If nothing else, it would be good to have somebody to care about me when I am dying.


Yes,I would study myself


What’s IAS? I’ve never heard of it! :blush:

Sounds fabbbulous! :woman_student:t3:

Criminology!! I wanted to be a criminal pathologist when I was younger, still thinking about it now even :thinking:
your dreams sound cool as hell, I hope your hard work gets you where you wanna be!

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I just got my degree in forensic psychology and, after a lifetime of wanting to work in the legal system, lost interest in doing so.

Right now I’m looking forward to starting my masters’ program in social psychology in the fall, since I luckily kept my interest in the other half of what I studied for four years. I’m studying in Canada, and will hopefully transfer to the PhD program once I finish my thesis. I want to keep writing, but social psychological research is my main goal.
I’ll also be moving in with my girlfriend when I start grad school (well, she may not be my girlfriend anymore by then, since I’m planning to propose). So I’d say I’m on a good path right now.


Oh my god good luck on your proposal!!
I wish all the best for you two and your studies, fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t3:


My future… huh.

Education and Career: I hope to complete all of my years of schooling with A’s, receive admission to college that’s affordable and will advance me in my dreams (and pay off my college debt which I no doubt will have). My current plan is to major is some writing field, and minor is something business related or psychology related. Although I haven’t figured everything out yet, I’m not pursuing the path of a dentist… or surgeon… or lawyer… or teacher (sorry mom). I aspire to become a published author, and a business owner.

Life in General: All of my current friends I’d like to keep in the future, and grow closer to my family members (and afford an around the world vacation for me parents, it’ll be my way of paying them back). I hope to spend at least one year living by myself, to prove to myself that I can live independently, even without the constant support of others. I’d aim to evolve as a person in terms of of mental, physical, spiritual, and social health. It doesn’t matter if I’m famous, as long as the people I care about is proud of me.

This may seem far fetched, but I’m getting closer every day.


sounds absolutely wonderful!

My bachelor’s is in biological sciences and psychology, and I’m currently working as a research technician in a neurobiology lab. Long before I finished undergrad, I decided the pre-med track wasn’t for me anymore and was at a loss of what to do with my life after graduation.

But I really enjoy what I do for work and can see myself doing this long-term! I find it very intellectually stimulating and rewarding since we’re trying to develop a better understanding of neurological diseases in hopes of finding a cure someday. And I find the bench work to be a lot of fun lol.

As of now, I’m planning to work for a few years to gain some experience. I think this is also a good time for me to enjoy life and hopefully be able to travel a bit before pursuing graduate school. Hopefully I’ll be able to earn a master’s in neuroscience or molecular biology some day!


My future well I’m still in high school but for only two more years. I’m also working on opening up my own allergy free bakery. Also at the moment I’m working on publishing my first book. Also I’m kind of in a pickle with my first love. Yes even though I’m in high school I already met the guy I love but me and him are a long story.

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How fascinating!!
As a nurse I deal with a lot of patients with dementia, and have had to struggle with it in my family as well. It’s truly an incredibly complex disease, thank you for devoting your time to trying to understand it and finding a way to help the future in neuroscience :blush:


Whatever you’re going through with your boyfriend I hope (and I assure you) everything will work out! I’ve had my fair share of complicated relationships and if you ever want to talk to someone who has fresh impressions you’re free to dm me xx

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Thanks we’re just such a huge story/mess and he may be coming back next year which freaks me out yet makes me so excited.

are you guys long distance?

No he still lives around here and I stopped texting him I’ll tell you why in a pm.