What does your future look like?



okay girl sure thing xx


Im currently in my last year of high school about to sit some important exams that will get me into college. I don’t know what I want to be and that scares me because everybody else has at least a vague idea. In college I will be doing business, economics and accounting but I really don’t want to do accounting as I hate maths. I don’t want to disapoint my Dad but part of me knows he only wants me to do accounting because he wanted to do it when he was choosing. Anyways I have no idea what I want to be or what my dreams are so I might aswell steal my Dads if it’ll make him happy. Relationship wise Im not bothered either way. Despite all this something that keeps me happy is knowing that no matter what happens everything will work out.


I wanna say what I want to be in the future but I feel like it’s stupid sksksks


What is it. If its what u wanna do then its not stupid


Although it’s not really a job you can do forever but you can do it for a living - I want to be a YouTuber.


Awesome n.n
Youtubers look like they enjoy what they do and they make pretty decent money(idk the exact revenue) still i think its a cool thing to do.
What kind of channel would u do


Like just a funny simple one that talks in front of a camera about interestings I don’t think I would be a beauty guru :sweat_smile:.


Like a vlogger?
U could tell stories tht happened to u about ur life(im sure ppl would find them intresting) or just stuff that bothers u idk. Just throwing out suggestions ha…
Whatever u choose im sure ull do well. I wish u luck


Thank you, I wish you good luck in your future too!


Ha thanks.
Though i dont see much of one.


This thread is equal parts relaxing and anxiety-inducing because the future is terrifying but I have the highest hopes… yikes!! I’ll be starting college in the fall, studying history and international relations on a pre-law track. My absolute dream job would be a foreign service officer, but I would get sooo homesick so maybe an ACLU lawyer? I would also love to get published one day.


I’m still in high school but I want to be a teacher author or artist, don’t know which!