What does your writing script look like? - How many lines for each chapter? How many blank lines do you have?


I add spaces between directing lines and dialogues because it looks more clear to me.
I use minimal branching so I usually aim for 1500 lines, which can go up to 2500-3000 if I have more choices, zooming, spot directing etc. in an episode. I think this is somewhere between 5-10 minutes and I’m fine with this because I personally prefer shorter episodes.
I read that you mentioned 5K feels like 20 minutes, which can be right if you use a lot of branching, but don’t forget that you probably read your own story faster than anyone else would, especially after previewing it multiple times.


Dank meme. How long are your episodes?


Indeed. That’s partly why I started this thread because I’m HYPER aware that I read mine way too quickly. I’m a terrible reader, I have serious issues with speech/reading…words in general, so when I’m reading my story and I feel like it goes by super quick, I’m like…NO way I can read it that quick if it wasn’t something I remember writing. XD


Wait, do you use labels to write different outcomes based on choices? How does that work? Or did I misunderstand you?


Same. I usually find it really fun to write an episode and while I’m working on it I think it will be cool. Then I preview it and I’m like: “Okay, so that is what I was so excited about?! That was literally 2 minutes long and nothing happened!”


So, something like
If (path1) {
goto ending1
} elif (path2) {
goto ending2
} else {
goto ending3

I usually do this for episodes where I’ve had a lot of gains that need to be accounted for because I find it gets pretty messy when I have brackets in brackets in brackets


AH!!! Heard! That makes sense now that I see it. Hmm…that could be very helpful, actually. That’s a good idea. Did you think of that or did you see that somewhere?

I put brackets in brackets in brackets and so on so on, but I also close them if I’m not working on them anymore/they’re done. LOL

This happens to me all the time, too. I think its a good thing that we enjoy it so much, though. It’s no fun if it feels like a chore, even if those particular moments don’t actually do profound things for the story.


I did see ages ago on forums someone saying to use labels so that it would be easier to keep track of instead of brackets (I used to close the wrong brackets all the time and get the missing brackets errors everywhere), so that’s why I started using it, as well as the fact that you can’t have labels in brackets, so if I wanted to do a dressing game, I’d still need to have the scenes take place outside of the branches


Heard. I only had one weird thing happen with brackets. I can’t exactly remember which part it was cause I have 4 parts in my story so far where there are many brackets inside more brackets, but I remember being so shook! Because like…I copied the script into word and did a search because it said I had one extra one. I had 16 of each bracket, so no…but I got rid of the one it said was a problem and it messed up the way the story read and I was like…uh…so what I did was copy a different section within the same brackets, paste it, change the story so it was correct and it was 16 for each bracket, but this time no error. LOL, I have no idea what that was about, but I bet using labels makes that whole mess of an idea much easier.


Oh gosh! Sounds like an episode nightmare :laughing:


I usually have 1500-2000 lines. I separate dialogue and scenes with spaces, but keep all stage directions, zooming, speechbubble stuff etc together. Plus, my directions lines are always really long with lots of AND and THEN


Do you separate your characters when you spot direct like or do you keep them all together on one huge line like FallenAngelNight? Like this below?


I do them all together, too, unless it’s over 5 characters. When it’s over 5 characters, I separate so as not to confuse myself


Heard. That makes sense. So with a chapter that is 1.5-2k, are your chapters about 10-15 minutes long, too?


Thinking this would go better in Directing Helps and Tips since it’s mainly about coding. :wink:


They’re the standard length, probably around 15-18 minutes each episode.


Okay, thanks ^^


Ended up being 8578 lines :astonished::confounded:

20-25 minutes


Hmm…it is always different. I suppose we just have to be vigilant.


I tend to cram all my code together.

So it’s like

&overlay stuff
&zoom reset
&cut to zone 1
&character spot




Honestly, I never pay attention to how I lay out spaces. Sometimes I just click space a bunch of times.

I use advanced directing so it’s MESSY.