What emotion is this?


I’ve looked through everything I can find and I can’t find it.


Id like to know as well


It’s not an animation. It’s actually from an animation: @shush.


And how do you get it to pose like that?


When you do @shush, wait till the end of it. You’ll see it. :slight_smile:


If you only want to see the end of the animation.
Here’s the example

@GIRL stands screen center in zone 2 AND GIRL faces left AND BOY stands screen center in zone 1 AND BOY faces right
@cut to zone 2
GIRL (talk_happy_smile)
Bla bla bla
&BOY is shush
Bla bla bla
@cut to zone 1 where the boy stands.
Then you’ll see it.


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This animation also exist for female characters (still the same animation “shush”)

There are more like those:





they all look like whole new animations it’s pretty cool.
you can try them out!


(did I forget any?)


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