What episode should I make my MC and LI kiss?

I was wondering if you could help me so i’m writing my 5 episode and i was wondering what episode should i make my MC and my LI kiss? I don’t want it to be to early or too late just the perfect time.

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Some people prefer the relationship to go fast, others prefer slow. So whichever episode you make them kiss, there’s going to be at least one person who’s not satisfied with the pace. So you can do whichever episode you like! But if you need a second opinion, maybe…episode 7?

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I would say first make the readers know the LI first. Make them ship for your characters.
And when you think the time is right, do it! (Depends on the number of chapters you have planned)

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  • How well do the MC and LI know eachother? Did they meet in episode 1? Are the childhood friends?

  • How long have the been in a relationship?

  • How old are they?

There are so many factors.

If you were your MC, when would you be ready to kiss the LI?

If you’re unsure, you could make it into a choice. The reader can decide if they want the MC to kiss the LI.

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they meet in episode 1 and on episode 5 the LI is going to show her his favourite place he goes to relax and like i want the episode to have atleast 40 to 50 episodes

Building up the tension and making the readers WANT the two to kiss is usually what gets people coming back to your story. (at least in my opinion)
Like @Lena.writes said, let the readers get to know your characters before making their only association be a kiss. Make the kiss important and maybe even represent more than a kiss. These two characters should be specifically important to each other, so this kiss, I would say, should occur in an important moment with meaning that has been coming for a long time.
Good luck! I’m trying to write a romance as well and it can be hard to establish a relationship like this- so I wish you luck! Trust your gut, write what you think makes sense for these characters. (once you get far enough in know your characters ofc)


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