What even is this?

Okay, what even is this. I’ve never gotten it before until now and it’s annoying as all h*ll.

Please don’t tell me stuff like-
“Just refresh your page.”
“Restart your computer.”
“Reinstall chrome.”

Ive done all of those and even so this definitely isn’t a problem on my end considering I’ve NEVER run into this before. I’ve seen multiple people complain about this recently and I’m wondering if maybe a recent update to the portal might have done this?

Hopefully episode can fix this because it’s making writing impossible at the moment?


Just refresh your page, don’t worry ~

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That happened to me when I was using limelight and the avatar creator… so you just need to preview only the stuff after it.

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May the odds be ever in your favor.

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So that was happening to me a few months ago. If you search run time error you’ll see how many topics are made on it. I sent a ticket and they said it’s a known error and that they were working on it. Eventually it just fixed itself.
Flash forward to now, it’s happening again. To preview my story I have to exit and re-enter the episode and I can only preview of once or else it will happen again.


When this happens to me, I just back out of the script (go back to the writer’s portal main page of the story where it shows my story link, and other information). Then I click the episode I’m working on to preview it. Or…you could always refresh the page like others are saying. I know you don’t want to hear this but there isn’t much I can tell you about this :confused: I do hope everything works out for everyone that has this annoying problem!

It’s been happening this whole week. I just refresh it, and hope it doesn’t happen again :frowning:


Some people say clearing caches helps, or trying a different browser. But I’m lazy so I just refresh the page


I’m having the same problem and I actually just came onto the forums to see if anyone else was experiencing it or if Episode was working on fixing it. I’ve had to go out of the episode I’m working on and go back in. It’s really annoying and I hope it gets fixed soon as it is making it very difficult to write my story!

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Preview it on your phone instead it’s much more reliable :slight_smile:

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Ew no way.
That’s a lot harder to use lol.

Anyone submit a ticket regarding this yet? If not, please do so in order to make the team aware of this. Thanks! :peace_symbol: