What exactly is a "Bad Boy"....?


I’m not saying it’s a good thing? I’m not promoting it or encouraging it?
I’m just saying that based on my description of a bad boy, he could be involved in illegal activity but that doesn’t make him an abusive asshole.

Edited to add: Selling drugs/being involved in illegal activity is a redeemable quality (to me). Because he could leave that in the past and move on and make up for his actions.


Nor am I saying you are. I know firsthand drugs are dangerous and anyone who deals them is a dangerous asshole who should be arrested and caught at all costs


Yup. So cliche.


This topic is not regarding your personal views on drugs and discussing it. For further talk about it please take the conversation to private message or create a new topic about it. Please stay on topic folks and thanks! :peace_symbol:


Well, a “Bad Boy” to me is a dude with basic bad boy physical traits (Leather Jacket, Gelled Hair, Cigarettes) that can have as many or as few redeeming traits as the author chooses.

Now, a character that makes bad decisions like arson, theft, violence, etc is a Bad Human. People that make bad decisions, but for justifiable reasons or feel badly about their bad decisions from the start were never Bad Humans. They were just humans that made bad decisions.

“Bad Boys” aren’t really that bad unless they’re just Bad Humans too. In that case they aren’t redeemable. I think the appeal is that they’re misunderstood and you can discover so much more under their shell. It’s like a geode, rough on the outside, but a core of jewels.

Unless they’re an abusive asshole or a fuck boy. Then that ain’t a geode. It’s a flipping rock and the MC needs to stop trying to break it open and just chuck it off a cliff.


okay but guys
just imagine the MC picking up the bad boy and chucking him of a cliff tho


This would improve so many stories on Episode.


That’d be real satire. cough Episode’s bullshit excuse cough


I’m a bad boy… bad at everything. :upside_down_face:

On a more serious note, a bad boy is rebellious above all else. He doesn’t follow the established order of things. This can go multiple ways, depending on the cause and manner of his rebellion. There are bad boys in fiction (not so much on Episode) who push back against perceived and actual injustices. There are also plenty who are more like rebels without a cause, or at the very least acting out for personal/emotional reasons. There’s also a big difference between breaking unfair rules, a little talking back, and the occasional fight to defend someone weaker and things like gang violence.

They become irredeemable when their behavior becomes unnecessarily violent or especially if it becomes abusive, regardless of whether their reasons. I’m not a fan of the trope, especially as it’s written on Episode, for that exact reason. If I were to write a “bad boy”, I’d give him realistic motives and just not romanticize genuinely awful behaviors.

A lot of teenagers are drawn to bad boys partially because they’re almost expected to (seriously, the media shoves this archetype down every teenage girl’s throat from a young age, regardless of whether they’re actually attracted to men or not; the whole “everyone likes a bad boy” thing gets pretty weird when you consider how much that attraction is expected). It also happens because adolescence is a time of budding independence when people are most likely to be drawn to taking risks. It’s common for people to be attracted to the potential danger of a bad boy or, more recently, bad girl. It becomes problematic when some people can’t distinguish rebellious behavior from outright violence or fantasy from reality.


They’re in every story on the July’s Picks shelf on the app.


It’s a damn cliche I see in 9 out of 10 stories. Bad boys, bad boys, bad boys. It’s not something cool, I’m really tired of people promoting it in both real world and app. I mean, what’s so cool with the boy using girl then throwing her away, or he doesn’t give a damn about rules, alcohol or drug addict and bla bla bla. Rude boys, heartbreakers, drug addicts are the things I think of when I hear the word ‘bad boy’.
Plus, I find it pretty funny when stories like that get promoted and read by the millions. It’s just so funny when a lot of pretty interesting and unique stories there in the game but only the bad boy romance cliches are read by the most.


A bad boy is someone who actually does bad things and is a boy. However the episode version of a bad boy is someone who has a bad attitude and disrespects everyone except his precious, innocent mother and his “she’s the only one for me” girlfriend.


preach!! The ‘bad boy’ you described is exactly like my LI in my story!!!


You are so right about the bad boy trope. All have black hair, every bad boy needs a tattoo, heaven forbid a bad boy who isn’t smoking… It would be so interesting if someone broke with all those ages old definitions of how a bad boy should look or act!


If no offers what you need, draw it yourself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::laughing:
That makes your life a whole lot happier :stuck_out_tongue:



I feel like a bad boy is in fact a trope but if portrayed properly and given the right amount of layers as well as backstory you could pull it off. Maybe, he is a bad boy for a reason - someone hurt him extremely, and his prickly exterior is an act to protect himself. To avoid getting hurt again, he acts out as this bad boy.

It may seem irritating and that someone is above acting in such a way but perhaps, giving him these flaws and pitfalls of the character can help us empathize.


Yes! I hope to see a story like that one day. It would probably be in the comedy genre :blush:

Re: PS:

Hahaha, I love it! :grin::heart: So adorable!


To me, my view of bad boy and episode typical bad boy are completely different things. For example, in my story, I have a love interest that is a punkrocker, so he dresses up like the typical episode bad boy and a lot of readers see him like the bad boy, even though he didn’t even had a chance to express himself yet :woman_shrugging:t3::smile: I agree with @EliseC that there’s a big difference between bad boy and abusive asshole, for me bad boy means someone who is rebellious, someone who questions authorities, someone who sometimes does thing that can be considered bad but he does it with good intentions, someone who fights against injustice, someone who doesn’t care what people who doesn’t matter to him think of him… Etc
Episode created a bad boy stereotype which I honestly don’t like, but you can find the “good” Bad boys in some user stories too :blush:


And to get pregnant by them.