What exactly is a featured story?

I’ve read that you can earn gems from reading featured stories, but where do you find featured stories? Are they the top row of the app when you load it? Are they published stories?

Thanks in advance!

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Featured stories are stories that are owned by Episode as a company. They make original stories, but more recently they’ve started to buy books that are published by community authors.


It’s the first page you see when you open the app. So the home shelf. They are stories published by episodes or stories from community authors that episode buys! I’m not sure about the gems. I know with some you can get free gems. But I haven’t read one in a really long time :woman_shrugging:t3:


And to add to this, the ones that give you gems usually have a blue E in the corner too


Some featured stories are actually written by Community authors and not Episode itself, depending on the author. They all have exclusive unreleased clothing and charge gems for it, though the only story that doesn’t require gems and is featured is Instant Princess, and it is not tagged a featured story - you can tell because it doesn’t have that light blue square box on the top left corner and a white “E” on it. Featured stories are selected by number of reads. If your story is in the top 3~ of that genre (preferably comedy, romance or drama because I’ve noticed lots of featured stories are tagged those genres) it might be picked for a featured story. I think it also means a personal custom drawn cover from what I’ve seen.


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