What exactly is a ui and how to use it?

I have heard of the term “ui” many times , I have a basic understanding that it is like a overlay but what’s the difference? I saw the explanation but it still confuses me. I feel kinda dumb because no matter how much I search this question doesn’t appear. What is a ui and how do I use it and how is it different from an overlay? If someone can answer that’ll be great. Thank you so much!

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The command ui will basically pin the overlay to the camera that way no matter where you zoom in the background it will stay on your screen. Whereas simply using the overlay command the overlay will stay in the spot exactly you specified and it won’t move along with the camera. Hopefully that makes sense, but this is what I understood from @Dara.Amarie ’s templates where she explains your topic in question really well! :butterfly:



Tysm! I understand much more now. :slight_smile:

Btw is there a reason why it’s called ui, kinda unrelated lol but it’s quite weird. Does it stand for somethign?

Happy to help :blob_sun: And according to google it stands for user-interface in computing - It could mean the same thing with what we’re talking about here, not 100% sure though!

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