What exactly is "Adventure"?

I have a story idea. Though I don’t know what genre it would be in. Not romance, horror, thriller, comedy, mystery, fantasy, or action. So either drama or adventure.

But I was wondering, what does the adventure genre even mean? I don’t think I’ve ever really seen the adventure genre anyway other than just the section mixed with action… but it’s just all action.

What makes a story qualify to be an adventure story?

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From what I can tell, adventure requires just that: adventure - meaning there’s a certain sense of exploration and new discovery.

Indiana Jones, for example, would probably classify as action adventure. The action part comes from its emphasis on the fights and defeating the movie’s villains, but its adventure comes from exploring tombs, finding clues to Indy’s next location, seeing new places he’s never been.

Genre also is really just about the story’s focus. A story can have elements from different genres, but the way you can classify it as one or the other is about knowing what its biggest focus is.

So if your story is mostly about interpersonal connections and emotional conflict, it would probably fit in drama. If your story’s mostly a traveler’s tale or road trip story, it could fit in adventure.


Yep, adventure is all about exploring islands, finding new discoveries, etc. If you have watch any adventure movies like Journey to The Center of The Earth, or any other kind of adventure movies, that falls under the genre. @amberh.episode

So think of it as traveling, going on a camping trip or sailing the seas, etc. Like @writingspirit mentioned.

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