What Exactly is Reader Retention?

For some reason, I could never understand what reader retention means even though I’ve been writing on the Episode platform since the end of 2015. I don’t exactly know what it means what what it is. Does someone know what it is?

Here is an article on it. But basically it is what percent of people read the chapter to the end of each consecutive chapter.

I read that same article, and I still didn’t really understand it. How can I find out the percent of people who read the chapter to the end of each chapter? Is there a way I could find out my reader retention score?

As far as I know we can not access the reader retention rates of our own stories.

Moved to Episode Fan Community since it’s not about coding/scripting. :wink:

I wish we had access to that.

cracks knuckles

I got this. This is how reader retention works. If a person continues your story, your reader retention goes up. The higher the reader retention, the higher your rank goes up. This is why most of the top stories in every genre are 20-60+ episodes because a reader can spam read those stories, or continue the story over several days keeping the story at the top.