What factors do you care about whilst looking for a new story?


So I want to start recommending stories on Instagram and I’m currently brainstorming on some template ideas.
My main goal is to make my page as useful as possible so I think I’m going to make the posts with multiple slides, the first one being the cover and how it looks on the app, the second one would be more like a “quick overview slide” with some good to know facts and following ones would be more in-depth slides.

So now I’m asking what categories you’d be interested in for the “quick overview slide”?
for example:

  • Categorie
  • MC (female/male/choosable)
  • Love interests (how many and which gender)
  • Customization
  • Setting (high school/college/“adult life”)
  • Choices (if they impact the story or not)
  • point system (yes or no)
  • games
  • skip the wait (with gems)

Note: those are just things I more or less care about (and I’d appreciate some suggestions and opinions, I really just want to be helpful with that!) and I don’t necessarily think that games for instance are needed for a story to be good or whatever, for me it is more or less a “good to know thing”!


I’d include the new feature skip the wait bc I personally don’t read stories anymore which have that feature :slight_smile:


How could I forget that… :clown_face: Thank you, I’ll definitely include that! :relaxed:


maybe the average length of an episode too?

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Category: thriller, horror (but no vampires, mafia, zombies… more like thriller, horror and mystery together) and romance

MC: idc

LI: ONLY ONE PLEASE :sob: and I prefer if we can choose, because I prefer men (if the MC is girl), but maybe some other person prefers women

Customization: I like it if it’s limited, but idc

Settings: depends on the context, but I usually like college ones

Choices: tbh I prefer if it doesn’t impact the story. Once I killed my MC bc of my choices :skull: :sob:

Point system: I prefer if there isn’t, by if there is, idc

Games: no. I’m sorry, but they stress me out

Skip the wait (with gems): idc, I don’t have gems and I’m not rich rich yk. So it doesn’t make a difference

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST: no mafia plz


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