What fantasy stories do you prefer



What Fantasy stories are you interested in

  • Wolfs

  • Greek mythology

  • vampires

  • Others
    Or do you dislike the genre or story idea altogether feel free to share your opinion.
    let me know :wink:


I find Greek mythology really awesome :sunglasses:
And I would prefer vampire stories where the vampires didn’t sparkle, didn’t have super speed-instead, they were blood thirsty, evil, they could burst into flames in the sunlight and be defeated by holy water, repelled by crosses and heck, even turn into bats : )


I love wolves. Greek mythology is also really cool. I personally also like vampires but I know some people find it cliche and boring.

As for other I love mythological creatures such as the Phoenix and dragons.


Greek mythology!


I want true fantasy type stories, knights, dragons, quests, and prophecies. That is my favorite type of story but there don’t seem to be many good ones on here.


Yes! I love dragons and all that!


Mythology but not Greek? There’s a lot of great myths that haven’t been heavily written about, it’d be nice to have more stories that arent about the son of Poseidon


That’s true. However, I don’t read a lot of fantasy stories often,


Greek Mythology: But It has to be accurate and everything, like when they have a kid don’t make up a nonsense back story.


Greek mythology when done right. I love it when authors bring mythology and folklore into their stories. And I find Greek mythology fascinating. But most people just scrap the surface of it and only take away the main elements, like the Greek Gods. Their characters might be named “Zeus”, “Poseidon”, “Hades”, “Athena”, but they’re completely different from the Gods they’re supposed to portray. Poseidon wasn’t quirky and funny, he was cruel. Hera wasn’t sweet and nurturing, she was cruel. Athena wasn’t fair and forgiving, she was… guess what: cruel. Greek mythology is full of tragedies and Gods committing horrendous acts (example: how Medusa became a monster). I wish we could see more of that, and maybe have the main characters be demi-gods instead of the actual Greek mythology gods.


Yes this exactly!
I’ve loved Greek/Roman mythology since I was little and I’ve come across stories that just don’t do them justice! And think it’s cool to throw in a few God names. Bleh.


Dragon-Fantasy stories are the hip thing right now

I like Greek God stories, but I do believe they can get a bit repetitive.
Similar to Greek Gods, I LOVE chosen one stories. I don’t care if they are cliche, I love them.

I haven’t read any wolf stories, besides one, but that one was uh, bad. I don’t want to judge all of them off of the single one I read.

I like magic schools . . . I may be a bit bias


Greek Myths are a lot of fun, and the others can be good too but a lot of times they’re very cliche. It’s hard to find a fantasy book not about some abused, sad wolf who gets saved by a hot alpha or something. I think if it’s done well, any fantasy story can be great!


Yeah greek myths are fun yet sometimes u can get wrong w/ it i viewed too many episodes that were diff. Than the actual myth itself…
The idea of the sad abused wolf thing is not bad actually…and why not reverse it instead of a female mc getting rescued the male mc is the one who would be the growth focus of your story…
Just mah thoughts


That’s a good idea, I’ve never seen a werewolf one where the male MC is rescued!