What Features do you want Episode to Add?


I notice a lot of different topics including requests from Episode Members for new features to be added. And I think that the easiest way to get what we want is to vote for what we want THE MOST, then start a campaign for that. Through a series of polls designed by yours truly. idk if that would work, seeing as I’m not a very popular user on Episode yet, but I want to try. So the first poll is: (Drumroll please…) What character type do you want to make changes to? (I know probably no one cares about Classic since Ink came out, but someone might want changes, I don’t judge!!)

  • Limelight
  • Ink
  • Classic

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Things I want Episode to Add
FEATURE: ORIGINAL Spotlight for ALL Styles + CURRENT Spotlight for Classic (Read Carefully)
Feature + Art Suggestions + Animations Index!
ANIMATION: Mermaid Swimming Animations Limelight
FEATURE: Limelight - features, art, animation, and clothing
CHARACTERS: Adding children
ANIMATION: More INK animations while holding baby
FEATURE: ORIGINAL Spotlight for ALL Styles + CURRENT Spotlight for Classic (Read Carefully)
CLOTHING: ink outfits update?
👗 CLOTHING: Clothes from featured stories for Ink
If there was one thing you could add to Episodes, what would it be?
Problem with hugging 2 times
ANIMATION: Animations in limelight that are needed in ink
ANIMATION: Knocking animation for INK
ANIMATION: Doctor Animations

The first poll closes at 12 A.M on August 17th.


Moved to Episode Fan Community as this is not a request to the development team. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics. :wink:


Get your votes in! Poll closes at midnight!


From here on, the polls will become more specific. Today’s poll will decide (drum roll please…): The section of story creation!


  • Character Creation
  • Dialogue/Animation
  • Setting

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12 hours left!


The next poll needs no introduction because… it’s: (pretty boring) Dialogue or Animation?!

  • Dialogue
  • Animation

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I know I said that the third poll closes at midnight, but it’s obvious already what’s going to win. ANIMATION! So (drumroll please…) the next poll is: WHAT CATEGORY OF ANIMATIONS DO YOU WANT TO VOTE FOR IN THE NEXT POLL?! I know this doesn’t make much sense, but this basically means which filter do you want the animations to have in common? Eventually, we will narrow a long list down to about 5. This is where it gets really exciting!

  • Talking
  • Posture
  • Emotion

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One day left!


Now, today’s poll will decide (drum roll please…): WHAT EMOTION?

  • Happy
  • Angry
  • Sad
  • Neutral
  • Surprised

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The winner is neutral! Now, I have specific instructions for you. Reply to this post with a list of 5 suggestions for neutral animations. After at least 3 people do this before the deadline of: MIDNIGHT, AUGUST 28TH I will make one of the three last polls. Your five suggestions should be on the poll. Unless I reply with something like: walk_bouncy sounds like a happy animation. Your four other suggestions should be on the poll. If all of your suggestions are not suitable for the poll, then I will give you another chance to suggest animations. But you will not get a third one. Once there are at least 3 suggestions, or the deadline is up, I will hold the poll. The animations with the least votes will be removed for the next poll. And the same will happen for the second poll. And the final third poll will decide which 5 animations I will submit. Good luck!


Just a note from your local and friendly Episode Forum Admin :nerd_face:. The only way the Episode team get’s notified of feature requests on the forums is by the forum team submitting the threads/topics created in the feature request section of the forums. As much as I love the hard work that is being put into this, it goes against the current structure of how user idea’s get escalated. To discuss this more or if you have any questions please pm me. Thanks! :peace_symbol:


After all the polls are done, can I submit the animations in the feature request section?


Of course! You can add any/all of them that you wish as long as there isn’t already a topic created for it :smiley:


Okay! Thank you.


Can someone please give me some suggestions for animations!!!


putting on a crown

jumping (like basketball layups)

sports poses like swinging bat, pitching, dribbling in basketball, shooting hoops


All 5 of these will be added to the poll!


Time for the final poll!!!

  • pitch_baseball
  • basketball_layup
  • bat_swing
  • crown_wear
  • basketball_dribble
  • Eat_prop
  • talk_explain
  • idle_listen_agree_loop
  • kiss_hand
  • sit_kiss
  • sit_drink
  • drink_prop

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I’ll give everyone one more day to vote!