What gender do you prefer for a 3 chapters story

Hey guys… I need some help… I want to write a little comedy story with three chapters that is based in a few things of my life, but I don’t know if this is the type of gender that people read even if it’s short.

So… I want you to tell me what gender do you prefer for short stories. It’s going to help me to find out what to do and also if I think about write a few stories, I will know what to write…

Thank you!

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This is an interesting one. The length of the story is important, but nowhere near as important as what your character does in the story.

You see, there are two main types of MC you will usually see in stories:

  1. The audience surrogate
    This character acts as if they are the audience. The audience can see themselves in the character, so their personality shouldn’t be too clear on its own without audience participation. The audience surrogate needs lots of choices throughout the story, because if they’re acting as the reader, the reader might get frustrated and say “I wouldn’t do that” when you make a character do something big. This is when CC is also at its most useful. Readers can make the audience surrogate look like them and put themselves in the story. In this case, if you’re creating a character who acts as a audience surrogate, I would stick to a female gender if you want to appeal to the most people on episode as possible. If you’re really ambitious, try having a choice (which takes some crazy branching I’m always too afraid to do)

  2. The original character
    This is where you have an idea of who the character is, how they act, their likes and dislikes and what they look like. You can, of course, offer CC in this kind of story too… but the most important part of the character is that they have an obvious personality that isn’t completely affected by the audience’s choices. In which case, I would say have ANY gender because you’re not trying to make the character a fill in for the audience. In fact, an underrepresented gender would be an amazing idea for this kind of story because it’s important to make original characters unique and fun.

Make sure you choose what kind of character you want to use — weigh up the pros and cons of each and see how they would work in your story. I’d say that an audience surrogate character is more difficult and has RARELY been done properly on Episode because people try to take away the audience’s ability to choose what their character does to make the plot work.


i’d reccommend you a girl MC . but make her true to her traits

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I’d say male Mc because there isn’t many of them on Episode.

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Whenever the is an option to choose genders I usually choose Male because it’s fun to me and interesting.


Mix it up make the mc male


I was thinking maybe do something a little different…I was thinking of doing two stories at the same time with the MC being a couple, for example and each episode, each story would tell the MC’s point of view.

For exemple:

“Leonn” is the MC of story 1 and “Debbie” is the MC of story 2, they are a couple and everything that happens in one story, happens in another but with a different way of thinking and one choice can influence the other story… also, the stories were going to be publish together…

I was thinking of doing this in a 3 episode story.

What do you think guys?

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Oh… And thank you for the help!

I think this is a great idea, however I would do this in one story so that I could show the different POV’s right away. If you make two stories, there is a high chance that only a few readers will read both of them and others will miss out the whole point of this. Also, I can’t really imagine how you could do the branching with choices, I’m not sure you can do this between different stories.
And to your first question: short comedy stories are my favourites, I hope you will share it when done :slightly_smiling_face:

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