What genre would my story be in?

I’ve been uncertain about what kinda of genre my new story would fit into best. I feel like it can be both Romance and Drama but not sure which one to choose. Here’s a little description: Childhood friends Neil and Kinsley lose touch when Kinsley moves to Italy for the opportunity of a lifetime. But little does Kinsley know, Neil’s been in love with her since as far as he can remember! When things don’t pan out, will Neil still be waiting for her in their hometown and will she finally realize what she’s been missing out on?

Thanks! <3

Drama , comedy and romance

Yap, but apparently Episode doesn’t allow authors to select more than one genre so which was would be best?

it will be in the romance

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I would say put it in romance or drama. It most likely doesn’t matter. I’d say if you are focusing on a relationship as your main storyline , it should be romance. If there is other factors that are more important then the relationship then put it in drama i’d say

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Drama & comedy, maybe some romance

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I would put it in romance since there is only one (or at least one main from the sound of it) love interest.

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I mean it’s mostly about Neil and Kinsley’s relationship so I assume it should be in Romance?

I don’t believe there’ll be much comedy :thinking:

Yeah, that’s true. Since Neil is the MC, only Kinsley will be the main love interest.

Yeah I would read it!
Romance is my fave & it sounds good!
Also Romance& Drama is usually the most popular genres on episode so I would go that route.

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Thanks! And you’re right but it also gets really hard to get up the trending charts since most stories on Episode are romance :joy:

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