What genre Would you chose? {POLL & REPLIES}

  • Fantasy :cherry_blossom:
  • Action :boom:
  • Romance :revolving_hearts:

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I’m not really a fan of fantasy, action or romance. I’d pick comedy or horror. But out of the threezaz, I’d pick action.

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I never really connected with fantasy stories tbh. Just not my thing!

I voted romance and action because thats what I primarily like to read, but I don’t read a story with JUST romance most of the time because I find them boring. I like a combo of another genre.

Plus a lot of the romance stories are over-saturated with cliches because episode makes them popular, and then other users somewhat copy it because they notice it gets reads.

But yeah, as long as the plot is enaging and I like the character dynamics I will read the story regardless of genre.

I just tend to stay away from horror (unless it’s psychological, in that case LOVE that shit) and fantasy.

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