What Genres, Stories, Ideas that Interest you when reading Episode?

Hey everyone,

I want to know what interests you while reading an episode story?
Let me know your fav genres, stories that you’ve read!

I was thinking about a money heist, mafia type of story let me know what you think? :slight_smile:

Also, if you would like to be in, please send your character details and @'s.

I’ll look forward to see all your replies x


Honestly, Mafia stories and enemies to lovers trope are one of my favourites, but it would be nice to see a happy, harmless story!

I also am a fantasy lover! But, many fantasy stories are unnecessarily complicated and not always interesting and fun to read.

I’m already in one of your stories, but here’s my character if you want to add me in!

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Thank you so much, I love that idea!

I’m thinking a harmless one would be very good to do!

Ahh yes of course I will add you in :slight_smile:
Love your character :heart:

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Hi :blob_hearts:
I love the episodes that has the Romance, but then the girl is always playing hard to get, and the Fantasy that are always so catchy to begin with and exciting at the end

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Genres I love: action, adventure, fantasy, drama, comedy :smiling_face:

jem deets LL

My details ^^ (@ jem776x)

sounds action packed haha :blob_hearts:


I think I’m either into really intriguing fantasy plots or really hilarious high school stories

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I basically like stories that use tropes either that aren’t used much or haven’t been used before and I’m honestly not a fan of mafia stories. Also, I would like to see more stories with body type selection both for the MC and LI. I would also like to see more stories with male MCs and stories about raising a family as well as reality TV stories and pregnancy stories. Also, I’d like to see more celebrity stories as well.


I look for original concepts, fantasy probably my favourite… couple of truly great stories examples that I love are…
A sip of time
She devil


hahahah I know right, I just love them too much.

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Thank you! I will add your character :heart:

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