What gives? New skintone script names?

Do I now have to go back through my entire customisation script and change every freaking skintone’s script name? I’m seriously ticked off.

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ikr! this is so frustrating…

I have updated my templates with all the new skin tone names: Multiple Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)

Also, instead of adding all the family members to the templates, all you need to do is just add only 1 male family member to the template.

Then after the template, use the code: @FAMILY becomes CHARACTER

This will make your family members become the character so they can have the same skin, hair color, etc. then just change their other features. Only females can become females and males can become males, that’s why you only need just 1 male character in the template. Learn more about it here:


OMG! Thank you so much, you never fail to impress! :heart:

You’re an angel :heart: