What hair colour is this?

So I was making background characters using the randomizer and one of my characters came out with this hair.

I thought it was really pretty and I was wondering if anyone knew the script name for it (it’s not an ink colour- I already checked).

Thank you!


Just go to the character section under the portal, find this background character and then the hair colour will be in the details of the background character

I was making characters a couple of weeks ago and one of mine came up with that colour. But no colour was selected at the side, and I went through trying them all, none matched. I think it is a glitch.

I think it’s a glitch or a preview of a hair color to come. None are exactly like that

Aw man, what a shame. That hair color looked like it could be official for Episode

To get that color on the portal press the bald hairstyle then choose another hairstyle that you like then you should get that hair color

I hope this helps💕


it worked- thank you so much!

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