What happen to the writer portal?

I’ve shut down the web, shut down the computer and restart but the writer portal just keep loading and show “Error” only?

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could you show a picture?

this happens a lot, keep on refreshing your page, I dont think nothing is wrong with the portal. check to see if u dont have any errors in script & portal does freeze a lot.

not only the writer portal but also the character creator stuff too

I was having similar issues with it until I got a new comp, now I rarely have issues with it… but I still get the issue where it has error in the previewer occasionally…

Refresh the page and do that a couple times and if you still have problems you may need to submit a support ticket or there could be something going on with the comp.

Nah, my computer is still find tho, i’m switch 2-3 accounts in 2 of my computer and it still show “error” even in the script writer portal and in character creator…

It just keep loading like this forever and then stop working

maybe try using a different browser?

Browser problem, clean cache or hard reset your browser.

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okay… i will try unistall the browser