What Happened? Episode Interactive Is Broken?

Episode just uploaded a new post on their instagram about the January editor’s picks. Usually, I check for new posts so I can tell if there will be new CC options. However, when I went to Episode Interactive to continue my story, my story showed up as blank. The menu says “Create a new story”, so I tried that. No dice. The new story won’t even open up. I tried reloading the page many times, but it doesn’t work. My screen that usually has options for customization is completely blank. Please help!


Log off the writers portal the log back on again. If that doesn’t work, delete the tab and open in a new tab. Disconnect then reconnect to your wifi.

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It didn’t work. I can’t click on my profile for Writers Portal. I logged out of forums and signed back in, no dice again. I’m stumped. I tried the tab thing multiple times and same with the wifi. Thanks for the advice, though. I appreciate your effort.

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Submit a ticket,
@Sydney_H and @Nick can probably help you with more ideas. :heart:

Hmmm interesting. Things to check:

  • Are you using Google Chrome?
  • Are you logged into the correct email account on the portal?

If you said yes to both then the best thing to do is submit a ticket to the support team here. Thanks :smiley: