What happened to mobile creation episode?

I cant make a mobile story anymore. I just make them for fun and to make covers :smile:

Mobile creator is being removed, it was announced a while ago

I think the reason it was being removed is that it took them a lot of work and it was kind of holding them back on developing the writers portal.

A lot of people were also complaining to them that people just made quick mobile stories literally just saying “follow me on Instagram!” Or something similar and this stopped peoples stories - that had actually been worked hard on - from getting on the “new” shelf and that stops them getting recognised.

I know some people did but I personally didn’t like mobile creation either because you see that people work for weeks on a story in the writers portal just for people to make a super quick one, pretty sloppily done that will ruin their chances of getting a few more reads off the “new” shelf.


It was removed a while ago, Episode even announced it.

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Please refer to the thread that @rubywrites posted above for more info regarding the closure of Mobile Creator. Thanks all! :lock: