What happened to old posts on the old version of the forum?

Alright. So say I look up, “Hidden backgrounds episode forum” on google. The result comes up, and I click on it, but it redirects me to home and it’s like that post doesn’t exist. Are all of the old posts gone?


Here’s a trick: When you see the specific, desired thread on google, click on “cached.” There should be a tiny arrow next to the result. Click on it then click cached. It should allow you to visit the webpage.


^This is what Trinady told me when I asked her if we could still access the old forums. Hope this helps!

~ Winter :slight_smile:


This is the link: http://oldforums.episodeinteractive.com/


Yay! Thanks! :smile:

Thanks a ton!

OHLORD thank you soo much lol. I was looking for my old posts T-T
Thank you, thank you!

Thanks for this!

Everybody, just a little warning in case you didn’t know already, but: the old forums will be closing on Monday 16th April.

(@Sarina.K @Antoinettes @AATaylor @WinterMoon05 )

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Thanks for the heads up, @pea!

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Closing due to inactivity :slight_smile: