What happened to "The Royal Baby"?

Was that the mid-season finally, or is it going to be updated again? It kinda left on a cliffhanger (unless it was updated). Anyone know?


Pretty sure it’s over and what cliff hanger? Like Episode featured story The Royal Baby? It was pretty clear it’s over…

I’m not sure how it ended it’s not over properly release more at a later time

Hopefully it hasn’t ended, I’m too bad at goodbyes.

Just checked and not fully released yet and I think last time there was a 6 month wait in between 1st and second season or was it 3 I know there was a big gap.


When the baby was kidnapped? Did you see that part? If not, they might have updated it after I read it.
And when the announcement of the new episodes was shown, it said something like “mid-season finale”

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: