What happened to these stories?

So I took a break from episode for about 2 years and when I came back, I noticed some of the stories I used to read were gone. Two of these being Rivals and Juvie . I’m not sure whether the author changed the title or if the story got banned. I’m just wondering what happened to these stories.

Rivals have been removed for some reason and Juvie’s name has been changed into Dangerous Love

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Ohhh I see thank you! I’m still wondering why rivals got removed.

Which name do you prefer?

  • Juvie
  • Dangerous Love

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I personally like the name Juvie, I feel like Dangerous Love sounds a bit cliché.


Agreed. But maybe Juvie gave the ‘bad’ vibes, like teenage criminalism and all.


Alex wrote on her Instagram that she requested episode to remove Rivals and Rivals 2 as she was offered an amazing opportunity regarding those stories, but it meant they needed to be removed for it to move forward.


That’s also true :oncoming_police_car:

Oh, I wonder what it was.

Not sure as she didn’t specify, but it isn’t related to Episode.

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I liked the name Juvie better but either way!
Amazing story!!!