What happened to this episode story?!?!

Hello I need help finding a story on Episode. I remember it was called you say three is a crowd we have eight or something along those lines. I don’t know if I got taken down because it was sort of inappropriate, but I read it as a joke and I wanted to see if it was still up but I couldn’t find it anymore. If you heard of the story or know what happened to to I would like to know. Story was about eight siblings and all their names started with a K. The plot was the navigating through life. They had a brother named Kip lol. The end please help me :frowning:

Did you try just Threes a crowd

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I read a story a while ago where you and your boyfriend I think he’s your boyfriend have to hide in a small town with fake identities and stories so nobody catches on and go through different games to test your memory on what you chose your story to be

The story is called Three’s a crowd by Amanda Michele.
She is currently rewriting the story.

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