What happened to this story?


Do y’all remember an Episode story about this girl who develops a “thing” with her ex’s dad, I think the author’s name was Bellonia or something like that.

Idk if it’s still an ongoing story because it’s no longer in my favorites. Does anyone know what happened to it?


Could it be Your Dad, My Daddy?


If it is then they removed it and I think she deleted her Ig account


There was a story called “Your Dad, My Daddy”, but the author @bellona_episode got banned from the app itself because she was getting writing help from an author that was already banned. After that she tried to resolve it with Episode and after failing she deleted her Instagram. You can still find the episodes that were available prior to the story’s removal on Youtube, but the story is discontinued.


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You all answered my question.


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hi, i been looking for a story…Its in limelight i can’t remember the name! but in the story the MC leaves her dads i believe and goes back to live with her mom. She sees her ex bf & the mom has a young bf. the MC & the mom bf starts to hook up and the mom is mean & abusive to her. i can’t remember the story name for nothing not even the characters name smh lol please help if you can