What happened with Demi Lovato app

Does anyone know why Demi Lovato Path To Fame (THE ORIGINAL STORY APP, NOT THE STORY FROM EPISODE APP) does not work anymore? Everytime i try to open it keeps kick me out. I tried it a few months ago and it worked fine. Anyone else having this problem? ONLY HAPPENING ON ANDROID, WORKS FINE ON IOS

Search “Episode Official” then look at the stories published, scroll to your right, u will see Demi Lovato Season One and Demi Lovato Season 2.

On android/google play?

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On Episode App. That’s all i know. If u want to check on google play then try it and this story works for Andriod.

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Thank you


yeah it’s doing the same to me rn

where do you search for it though? cause it won’t let you search for no other episodes only the ones that are unlocked for you