What happens after the reader makes a choice?

Just remember that:

Just be careful when naming a label :yay: More info here: 🖤 HOW TO: Labels and Gotos 🖤

label flashback_1

#Blah blah blah, whole flashback here of Leora

goto merge_to_main

label flashback_2

#Blah blah blah, whole flashback here of Aunt Kaysa

goto merge_to_main

label merge_to_main

#back to main story-line

You’ll need to add a goto at the end of the first flashback that leads to a label to merge back to the main storyline (they share the same name) otherwise if you select to play flashback 1, flashback 2 will play as well.

The 2nd goto merge_to_main under the scene for the 2nd flashback is not necessary as once the second flashback is over it’ll play past label merge_to_main (I like having it there though).