What happens if I change a character after publishing?

Okay genuine question, if I change a character’s appearance after I publish a story will the readers character change?

I allowed my readers to customize the dad in the story, but I want to change his look. If I change it now on my ongoing story, will it also change the dad my readers customized or will it just change for new readers?

Sorry if that doesn’t make sense

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It will change for all readers and should not force a re-read.

Even though the readers customized the dad, if you change any look then it will automatically change for the readers and will no longer look the way the reader customized him to be.

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I did this for one of my characters [the customizable female LI] from one of my stories, I changed her hair colour and lip colour… but it never changed for my readers. It only changed for me. So my readers didn’t need to CC again.

Not sure why, but it seems like the other two who answered didn’t have the same experience. :woman_shrugging:t3:


That’s weird. I’m not sure why it didn’t change for your readers but did for ours…But nevertheless, I would still give the readers the chance to cc again. @enijah.stories

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Did you change it in the portal or the script? Because I think the others probably put the code which does change for the readers.

I didn’t change it yet, but I would change it in the portal. Not the script


Changing your character in the portal changes it for your readers. I have personally experienced this. I changed the hairstyle of one of my characters in character creation in the portal, clicked save, and then published my story. I had a bunch of readers message me asking why the character’s hair changed. Had to make everyone recustomize the character.


Okay this sums it all up, thank you.

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In chapter 1 I changed the character’s hair after the readers customized and it changed for readers too. (Be aware the story isn’t published)

I want to know if I change the hairstyle and color on the portal and not in code if it will be like that from the beginning of the story or will it just change from where I changed it?
@Dara.Amarie @Winteronepisode

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