What happens if I input swearing without censors in my story?

I see that Episode wants you to have censors for words like fuck, shit and bitch, but I see uncensored swear words in a story that episode recommends, in the first episode.

I didn’t complete the episode but the word was dick.

So would I be punished by Episode if I use swear words without a censor?


As long as you make a good faith effort to censor the naughty words, if there are any you don’t that need to be they’ll let you know so you can fix it. The problem is there isn’t a complete list of what needs to be censored. And some words that are allowed seem worse than ones that aren’t. For instance, whore needs to be censored regardless of context but skank is completely all right no matter what. Some are obvious, such as the enshrined seven words, but others are a bit of trial and error to find out if they are allowed or not.