What happens next?

Hey!! I have a fun game!! The rules:
I start with a scene, the next person adds to it.
NO changing the story DRASTICALLY! Make the change go slow…
No making a whole other story, I will tell you when the first story is done.
Person One: A long time ago, a girl lost her mother, and now it’s hard to be an actual mother to her five children
Person Two: And her oldest daughter was not helping the case, by giving her such attitude to her.
Person Three: She says, “You need to learn to care for us , kids!”
Aaaand so on
I will start:
Lily was was walking down the street, the cold breeze over her shoulders gave her a slight chill. She look behind her…


And saw a dead raccoon. She looked up to see if there was a powerline nearby, and

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-and no powerline was in sight. She was oddly creeped out considering she always sees powerlines on her walk to school.

When she arrived at school, there was no one. She walks to school everyday and this is the correct place. There wasn’t even a notice saying that there was no school. She

Jumped for joy and threw her bag. Then hitting a

Branch above her head. :joy:

She fall down. Then she saw an ALIEN. She-

Picked up a big branch and hit the alien.
:cry: Poor alien.

The alien started swearing. The language was unknown to Lily, so she said -

Something that the alien didn’t understand and that confused the alien.

And then…

They went for a coffee cause everybody likes coffee. :grinning:

After the coffee, and many others they started to understand each other and bond. Then the alien said:

Wanna fly with me to Mars?

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And Jenny jumped up and shouted, “HECK YEAH!”

And then they…

Flew to the damn Mars. :hushed:

And then…

The fuel wasn’t enough so they dropped back to earth causing a loud bang. Uh-oh

The fuel wasn’t enough so they dropped back to earth causing a loud bang. Uh-oh