What happens when I change published chapters?

Dunno if this is the right place to ask…

.but I would like to know what happens when we make changes to already published chapters…and update them in case reader already have read them

…I have experienced in one story that I could reed again the chapter because it was edited…but we edited our freshly published story and when I tested it in app in played story where I have already before read chapter 1 it didnt ofered me to replay the 1 chapter and as it seems it playes still the old version…because I changed the display name of one character and it still show the old one…

To be clear after this change I have pushed the update button so I have thought it must play now only the new version…I see the time that the changes were published.

So can anybody explain me how this works , :smiley: :woozy_face::face_with_monocle::worried::flushed::joy:

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Only the new readers will see the new version of the story.
Same for instance you have 5 chapters out and you went back in and revamped 1-4 then the old readers will see the old version unless they replay. However, I’m pretty positive they will see if you changed a character name or facial feature.
It’ll also make them reread depending on what episode you edited.

I hope this is what you meant lol.

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I ma honestly not sure… My experience with other story was… I READ THE LAST CHAPTER LETS SAY 7 than when new episode was publushed I got some note like " because the author has updated this chapter you can replay it" ans Se was back on begining of chapter 7.

So when exactly this happens?

Hmm. Alright, the author made changes to episode 7 and when they hit update. It makes the reader reread from the beginning.

This only happens when they author makes changes to the latest episode. Which in this case is (ep 7)

This happened to my story after I revamped it. Only new readers know about the changes

Yeah, same here.

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