What happens when I republish a story?


I really want to republish my episodes, but I do not know what happens when I do that…
Will that cost me reads? I heard something like people have to read your story from the beginning? Will they get passes to do that, or how does it work?

Because I was planning on changing a whole scene and a lot of grammar and typing mistakes.
But I do not want it to have a lot of consequences for the reader.
Sorry if I didn’t ask this in the right spot…


If you don’t delete your story your views i’ll stay as they are… You can change whatever you want on you episodes…


If you change anything in a chapter before updating, the reader will have to reread that chapter. It won’t effect your number of reads though because it will only affect people on that chapter being updated.


So if I update only episode 1 and 2, people in episode 3 do not have to reread?




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