What happens with user gem choices if reader is forced to replay?

I have gem choices at the end of a couple of my stories. I wondered what happens if I update the chapter (thus forcing the reader to replay). If they had purchased the gem choice on the first read, do they lose the gem choice AND their gems? Do they get the gems back? Does the choice show up as “Free” second time around? I haven’t been able to find anything on this topic.

ow you might wanna ask episode it them selfs I don’t know the answer to that one

I’m honestly not sure but I think it wouldn’t make things free the next time around. Like I’ve reread stories after using gems and I still had to buy the gem choices.

So I’ll try to explain, but I’m not sure if I understood very well…
If you want the reader to go back to see something or to play again without the reader having to loose more gems you could try the points system, this way you could make something like this,
choice (thepromdress)
“simple and classic” {
@LOLLA changes into dress1
} >GEM< “beautiful and modern” {
@LOLLA changes into dress2

So this way in the future you can do this

if (LOLLA>0) {

(Whatever you want to happen…)

} else {

(Whatever you want to happen…)

It’s how I would do to my readers don’t have to pay again or something like it.
I hope I understood your question right…


This comment was rude and not necessary. Some things shouldn’t be said…

On topic: I read stories that had gem choices (community stories) but I never saw the choice actually show as a gem and when I had to reread the chapter I still didn’t see the gem. (I hope that made sense). I think your best option would be to send a ticket. @SteeleMagnolia

Or maybe Dara can answer this question.


That’s a personal preference I guess. To each their own.

Yes, maybe @Dara.Amarie knows.
The question being: what happens with gem choices in the case of a forced replay (due to an update)? If someone paid for the choice, would they be out the money/gems? Would they get the gems back? Would the choice still be available but for free?


This would work if it was a replay that was written in by the author. I’ve done this. But in the case of a forced replay due to an update, points are reset, so this wouldn’t work. Thanks for replying anyway; this code will be helpful to someone.


uhm @Sydney_H or @Jeremy does one of you 2 know the answer to this?
also maybe send episode an email maybe they know?


Don’t know the answer off the top of my head. I’ll ask. :smiley:


Yo @SteeleMagnolia, I’ve got an answer! If a player replays an updated chapter in which they made a gem choice before the update, the choice will be available for free. Basically, updates aren’t an issue; they only pay once for the gem choice. :smiley:

Also moved this to Episode Fan Community since it doesn’t fit into any Creator’s Corner category. :wink:


God bless you

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I am a creator, haha. Either way, thanks for looking into this. I’ve been nervous about it ever since I started adding gem choices.


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