What has this community become?

What kind of community have we become?
“Big” authors who take money to promote your story for a 24 hours Instagram story for 35$, and a post for 50$, and at others, the price depends on how many followers you have. What is this even?
Let me tell you what this is; it is disgusting and so wrong in every damn way.
I am not a big author. I have a little over 20K reads in total and sometimes can wonder if my stories are good enough for Episode.
But I got where I am because I am working hard for it, And I might not have 100K reads or followers, but at least my followers and readers are loyal compared to the one who takes money from young people and small authors.

A few days ago, I made a post on my Instagram (@stev.writes) where I would promote small authors for FREE, and with over 400 comments, I couldn’t follow what story I promoted or not, but I have shared over 100 Episode stories and saved them in my highlights for FREE.
I didn’t ask for anything in return, because I was raised to help other people and be kind to them.
So, yes, I feel disgusted over how some people in this community can go so low to take money for ONE promotion, and Episode should do something about this.
I’m pretty sure Episode won’t allow this kind of advertising or get new readers or authors to think they are a company where it is okay to use people like this.
I think Episode should think about what kind of writers they want to pay and work with.

I want to be apart of a community where we can support each other without we have to pay between 20-70$.
I want to be apart of a community where we can help each other, and not a community full of manipulative and selfish people who think they are better than others.
What do you want?
Do you want to work hard, and get the chance to shine because you deserve it? Or just pay some “big” author and cheat your way up?
I know that I instead want to work hard and shine because I deserve it, and not pay someone to promote my story.
Besides, you won’t ever know if those “big” authors even read your story, because you can find screenshots of every story online.

What I want to say with this is, be kind and supportive, and don’t be that person who just takes money because you have more followers on Instagram and more reads.
If you are in the top 100 on the app, then I’m sure most people have worked hard for it.
Kindness costs nothing, friends, and it makes me so sad what some people do in this community.

Before you come at me, then I have a proof for one “big” author who does this, and I think Episode should do something and not ignore this problem.

Show love and support, friends! :heartbeat:


This is so wrong!



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I don’t understand why they make their readers pay for a shoutout. $35 is crazy!


I’m not sure entirely if this is true, but wouldn’t this violate some kind of guidelines of some sort? It would be like people profiting off of people’s hard work and off Episode stories that aren’t theirs.

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People should be getting to the top on their own accord, and not by paying some other authors to.

I don’t think Episode can do much about this situation. They don’t much control of what goes on in social media and outside their platform. They can’t interfere legally, although I wish they could.


Episode can’t make the author to stop it, but they could stop working with her :blush:

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We need more people like you in this community. I don’t consider you as a “small author,” you have many reads. To be honest, I emailed one of those big authors and asked about her promotion prices… I almost died when she replied with her promotion price! Asking money for promotion is ridiculous, but I think it’s even worst that she didn’t ask for my age. An adult makes her own money, but many writers on this app are underage! It’s disgusting! I know if I throw her name in this message, her fans will eat me alive. But I think we all know who I’m talking about and I think it’s the same person you talk about.

Promote small authors like me, because you want to help us or really like our story. I’m pretty sure this author already gets paid by Episode, she has millions of reads, and her story is trending. No need to exploit small authors!


I have no idea who you are talking about…

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I have so.many questions…who would do this …

I can already imagine a potential price range. It’s even more concerning that she didn’t even ask for your age. I hope more people go to people who give promotion out for free, and not sell it for expensive prices. To me, it looks more like more loss with little gain in return.


The only thing they see is $. I’m an adult. I can pay for things (I’m not crazy to pay it tho). It’s just sad that she didn’t even bother to ask me if I’m underage or not.

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W ow! :frowning: That is awful! I think I know exactly who you’re talking about.

I think this is in a very morally grey area. I personally don’t think it’s wrong to ask money for promotion of your book on their platform but to not even check if they are over 18 using their own money and not money they stole from the parents is horrible


Yeah… I’m losing HOPE in this community.


:joy: :joy:

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I agree with you 100%. I don’t want to admit that big authors are somewhat taking advantage of small authors, but I feel like it’s true. I just feel like paying an author just to promote your story is a waste of money because it doesn’t guarantee that they will continue reading your story. That’s money going down the drain. But, I don’t know… that’s just how I feel. I know I wouldn’t pay anything to promote my story on their IG story.

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I’ll say it again. If you want your stories to do well you will update as often as you can ,preferably every day. Paying authors money for promo is a waste. People just want to read stories that are updated quickly and with a good storyline.


You’re so right man!
It’s such a waste!! How can you make small author pay 50$ just for a post on insta?!!! I mean are we crazy?!! You’re so right! And if we think there are literally people that are dying or needs money!! WE SHOULD GIVE MONEY TO THEM, NOT JUST FOR A STUPID POST OR A STORY!