What havent you seen in an li/mc before that you would like to see?

basically what the title asks, i just dont want my story to be the same or unreadable. Also be sure to add things about the mc’s friends

things i already know people are going to say and i will be adding to my story
-nontoxic li (pls go into detail for this one so i have a better idea on how i want my li to develop)
-li with a learning disability (in my story he has adhd)
-mc who’s strong and not obnoxious
-sensitive li
-the mc saving the li from being (TW:SA) sexually assaulted
-the mc putting on the jacket on the li when he’s cold
continue to add more to the list so i can get a better idea!


1.) I find it absolutely adorable when the guy is shorter than the girl. I have no idea why lol, but I know not many ppl like it.

2.) It’s hard to find stories where the MC and LI don’t automatically have an intense attraction towards each other.

3.) Stories where the MC and LI actually have a real reason to like each other besides the fact they both find each other attractive.

4.) LIs who actually have a moral compass and never judge too quickly or treat anyone badly. And they won’t hesitate to call the MC out on their bs. I find that super hot ngl. Gilbert from Anne w/ an E is a pretty good example of that. Maybe they’re ambitious in life too

5.) Smart or nerdy LIs

6.) MCs who aren’t perfect. They make mistakes and they learn from it. Maybe they look up to the LI who seemingly is perfect, but unbeknownst to the MC they’re not


Other sicknesses/disabilities besides the ones you’ve mentioned (for example, maybe a MC with a lame leg, or a LI with cystic fibrosis?) These are also a good way to promote awareness of disabilities and how we can help people who have them if you’re interested.

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