What helps you write?

When I’m really in the zone, I always have to have my Yiruma radio on Pandora playing.
It definitely helps me get to and remain in the right headspace.
But what about y’all?
What helps/ inspires you to write?
I’m honestly just curious, and would like to discuss different methods and how they help you.


Listening to my fave music always helps. Or even classical piano music haha.

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My family being loud around me helps for some odd reason :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I use a lot of things they say for my stories or get inspired by it :joy:


Nothing relaxes me more than the sound of a piano!! If only I would have learned to play it.

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I need some senseless videos playing in the background or total silence

I couldn’t do it. I wait for my son to go to bed before I start writing or I’d never get anything done! lol

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Listening to my favorite songs always gives me ideas on what to write about. Just hearing the beat pound through my head helps me alot


I have a specific playlist that I always listen to on repeat while writing. I hate writing without any music on. Gets way to quiet! Usually I sing along at the top of my lungs , too.
Idk why, but singing and writing at the same time really relaxes me and makes me more focused.

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For some reason, music with lyrics really distract me with my writing. Cos I start thinking of the lyrics and completely forget about my Episode story or my novel which ever I am writing. I can only listen to instrumental music because it’s peaceful and helps me focus better. Another thing that inspires me to write is to have a goal to get to a certain chapter or episode so I will want to work hard to get to that.

Or sometimes I brainstorm first to not only get ideas and be prepare but to also gets me excited to write. Buuut when I am doing homework I have to listen to music with lyrics to focus. I don’t really know why but that’s how it is for me :smile:

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Isn’t it so weird how that works out. Lol

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Being in the shower for long periods of time with hot water. 99% of my writing are shower thoughts :sweat_smile:

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Always have to listen to Shawn. Tho alot of the time I get sidetracked and yh…

Whenever I eat or listen to episode music while I am writing or there’s the day when I have time to watch animes and the scenes are really enjoyable, I get inspired and I write! :innocent: