What I don’t like in Episode stories

I was reading a story earlier today and it started by asking if I want to change the character features and looks?
Honestly I like how the character is already made because it adds to telling the story especially some specific stories I hope you guys understand what I mean.


I dont do CC either, I like to play as what the author decides.
though I dont make a non CC story myself, since I did once and despite haveing a good story I just got complain after complaint over not have CC that at last abandoned the story and the app. I return to the app but not the story


Something related to social hierarchies happening in schools! I hate these mean girl types and how the MC appears to be weak. Well, authors should understand that in writing stories they should inspire readers but not letting the negative vibes get to their minds. I prefer MCs with strong personalities.


yeah i hate when the mc is shy, weak, and other stuff like that, it’s annoying when ur just reading a story playing a character that gets pushed around


I do agree with you
I want to write my own story too but this scares me, I don’t want to put CC but will people read it then?


well pros or cons off CC

some people refuse to read stories with out CC. some dont care, just the story is good

also if you dont have CC, you really need to make up for it, with stuff like, body overlays, good art scenes. not to me many though, also if you cant paid, maybe dont do it, because art takes a lot of time to make, though it is also expensive


I want to add up that not all cheerleaders, dancers, basketball and football players, and other athletes (such as boxers, runners, hockey players) are mean! Try to use these activities as their passion instead for social hierarchies! Me personally I was a dancer and I love dancing, but people will have a bad impression towards them if authors keep on using them as antagonists! I just starting to feel that being a dancer makes feel like I am just doing it to feel like we’re on top but no!

I hate it when you are forced to do something because it’s cool although it is not really your ‘thing’ just to make yourself acceptable.


I agree, I hate how authors tend to make it seem like everyone who plays a sport is cocky and wants popularity and portray them as rude, when a lot of them are really not rude at all.

Another thing I hate is how the blonde character is ALWAYS the mean girl. ALWAYS. It’s a very rude stereotype and not every blonde is like that. Yes, there are some, but the fact that so many authors make blondes mean girls is so irritating to me.


It is what it is considering the blonde girl.

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Honestly, you’re gonna get complaints no matter what, but a lot of people would read it! Though if you don’t have CC you need to make sure you have good directing and a really good plot.