I will say just a few things,write in comments what you learned.

  1. If you ever get kidnapped by Gang leader,just don’t or act like you’re not afraid,they will see that you are different and they will let you live with them in theirs house,you will fall in love. lol
  2. If your teacher is cute,talk to him,act like you are cute and innocent and boom he falls in lovee with you.

I 'm sippin tea.

So,this is just my opinion!
It’s what I think.Also don’t get offended by this post,but even if you do I actually can’t help you with that. :kiss:


if someone treats you like shit, marry them! and give birth to twins!


Very funny & accurate, OP!

The frustrating thing is, I like cheesy stuff like this in stories. Power Imbalance is one of my favorite tropes…but its rarely done well. It’s all too same-y, and characters rarely grow or change or have consequences for their actions.

Just once, I want to read one of these stories where the girl is at the mercy of some big bad/her teacher/ whatever, and at the end she realizes his actions aren’t reflective of a healthy relationship & she escapes that enviorment. OR, alternatively, the male involved is the one who realizes he needs to. change, and chooses to either man up or break it off because it’s what is best for the gal involved.

Or, hell, if you’re gonna go the dramatic route, make the girl turn into a bad person! Show her downward spiral, make her accountable for her actions, maybe make her character arc climax overcoming her selfishness. Gimme a little nuance to these problematic tropes.


You should totally get involved in gangs! It’s romantic. And really, who could possibly treat you better than a guy who kills people for a living and regularly threatens you? :heart_eyes:

Men don’t cry, we just make a sad face for two seconds and then punch a wall or something, then we’re fine. Complex emotions? What are thoooooooose?

Having one (1) same-gender love interest who you barely speak to compared to the hetero love interests and with whom romance is completely avoidable while that isn’t true for any other love interest is the absolute pinnacle of bi representation.

Things only happen to girls with beach wave hair, light skin, and full round or blossom lips.

People can treat you like garbage as much as they want, as long as they’re hot.

If you see gang activity, just rush in headfirst! You’ll totally survive it and find true love.

If you’re getting bullied, just change your appearance and everyone will fall in love with you! Because, as we all know, people are only ever bullied for being unattractive and never for any other reason, and every man is attracted to the exact same set of features.


This is amazing!!!

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You are the nerd of the school because only geeks and nerds have good grades. Who cares about school ?
You love the badboy/captain of the footballbasketanysportstbh but he doesn’t see you BUT YOU LOVE HIM.
You never actually talked to him, so you know nothing about him but who cares ? He’s hot so you love him.
“All the girls want him and he knows that. He slept with the entire high school”
Of course he did. He is every body type. And all the teenagers have sex in high school. Of course.
But he has a mean girlfriend who doesn’t deserve him ! Arg ! That bish !
Because of course, no matters if he has a girlfriend. She’s not nice, so they relationship doesn’t count. Dont worry, you are still the good person in this story :+1:
And of course she is a b****. You don’t know her but she’s a cheerleader and date the captain of whatever sport, she must be a bad b****.


You know what’s the best kind of boyfriend? The kind that thinks that you hanging out with other guys equals to you cheating on him. I mean, possessive guys with trust issues are so hot!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

If you can’t find that kind of guy, find a guy who forces kisses on you because no consent is so freaking sexy! After all, you’re just a weak girl who never thinks of pushing that guy away because you can see that he actually loves you soooooo much!!


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Oh yeah, and sex offenders are so hot!


Always and also if they make you a baby while raping you,just meet them againI and tell them you are pregnant,then he will fall in love with you and you’ll live happy


Yes, and abuse totally doesn’t matter!

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I’ve learned that most of the good choices in life cost gems.


I think this thread kinda teetered from “funny” to “kind of depressing and potentially upsetting” with all the casual talk about rape/sexual assault…I get that it’s poking fun at the romanticizing of bad behavior, but…



-If your friend/boyfriend/mom/whoever gives you an amazing outfit AS A GIFT, you still have to pay for it with gems!


So another 18+ story got released, and some things they teach you are…

  1. If there is a hot guy breaking into your house that you barely know, don’t call the police. Have sex with him.

  2. Have sex in a public pool with no safety.

  3. Crash into people with cars for fun. I’m not joking, all this shit is real. Fucking Episode.


‘In My Bed’ taught me that if your principal calls you out for being late to class, you HAVE to hotwire a car in your underwear with your bad boy (who knows nothing about you) and commit a hit and run involving your (now dead) principal :slight_smile:


If a man is remotely attractive, don’t worry about anything else. Is he a tool? Is he kidnapping you? Did he kill your loved ones? Is he a gang member? Is he a rapist? Is he a sex addict who refuses to heal? Anyway, is he objectively a bad person?

Don’t worry about it. He’s “hot”. Date him.


Literally every story ever. Preach.

  1. If there’s a person stalking your love interest beat them up . Don’t confront them or tell the cops your being followed.

  2. To bully nerds at school .

  3. To know you are a loser if your a virgin.

  4. To run over your principal with a car, and don’t show no sort of empathy .

  5. To provide stupid choices in stories, that have disturbing outcomes .

  6. To host underwear parties (panty parties) . And to walk in your underwear at school.

  7. To run from the cops with the person that broke into your home.

  8. And let’s not forget , to do public nudity .

you’re welcome guys, that’s what I learnt from episode . Better luck next time .


Every story ever *on Episode! Boy, I’d die if it was literally every story ever :laughing::skull: