What I think episode needs to do

What I think episode needs to do.

Okay so we know episode puts out a lot of featured stories with gem choices (annoying) but that’s not the point. I’ve noticed that recently episode has been putting out A LOT.

I know that’s how they make money and gain popularity but I think what episode really and I mean REALLY needs to focus on is reviewing. I get that we’re not necessarily helping because us small authors put out new stories constantly.

But I think it’s possible to do this if they could just pay more attention to it rather than just putting out cliche stories. The trending section would at least be able to expand a bit more and authors wouldn’t have to wait for such a long time for stories to be reviewed.

What are your thoughts?


I’ve noticed they’ve been making a lot more featured stories too, but what’s even the point if they’re all the same?

if you can see the previous reply, i deleted it because i misunderstood the post

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Honestly I wish episode did their own stories or ask authors to create a new story. Featuring stories that have already been written is a complete waste of time and I’m surprised it hasn’t cost episode money why pay for gem choices when I could play the whole story for free.



All the stories are basically the same!


I agree with you fellow poster so if it sounds weird is just know that I agree with you you’re right about that—there’s another thing that would be cool for episode to do is have a place where the creator has a schedule.:blush::slight_smile:

Now I’m not sure if there is a schedule for when the creator uploads an episode but that be really cool if it didn’t have that. I know people don’t normally work with a schedule but just to have that Little feature part of the game would be really cool. :sunglasses::star_struck:

I’m not sure if any of that made any sense but that’s just my thought process is at the moment…I just got finished with my class work.

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