What I wish to see in a story

Instead of the mean girl hating the MC just for the sake of hating them I think it should be instead that the MC did and/or said something to the “mean girl” that to the MC didn’t seem like a big deal but to the “mean girl” it meant a lot. The MC eventually began to understand how what did and/or said negatively affected the “mean girl”.

By doing this, it makes the MC less of a person who can do no wrong and instead show that they’re a flawed person who sometimes have trouble seeing the other side of a situation.

If I remember correctly, Do revenge did something similar to this.


I agree with you, @Naia_Melodye. My opinion is, try to avoid making the ‘mean girl’ (or guy) too cliché. Give them also a backstory, where you show, why the ‘mean girl’ (or guy) became like she (or he) is. What is the reason why the ‘mean girl’ (or guy) resents the MC so much and why can’t she (or he) stop making MC’s life a hell?
It also makes the ‘mean girl’ more respectable and more realistic.


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I just honestly hate the mean girl trope. Period. But I understand why people add that character in. However, it would be great if they could make that person more unique (Not cis-hetero, blonde, blue eyed, rich and wearing pink). Also not completely two-dimensional (but honesty a lot of secondary characters seem to be two-dimensional).

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