What if Episode Community Stories had teasers that looked like professional movie trailers? No need to wonder anymore! Check out the video teaser for my fantasy, academic rivals, slow burn story!

Set to release later this week!
Check out the official video teaser here

If that wasnโ€™t enough to get you excited, check out whatโ€™s inside the story:
:old_key: Genre: Fantasy SubGenre: Romance, Mystery, Thriller
:old_key: Points System
:old_key: Full Customization
:old_key: Multiple Endings
:old_key: Advanced Directing
:old_key: 1 LI
:old_key: Enemies to Lovers Trope
:old_key: Academic Rivals
:old_key: Forced Proximity
Follow me on lavinaa.writes on insta for more info + video teasers!


Hii thank you! The link to the teaser is hyperlinked!

Itโ€™s a spam account, donโ€™t pay attention to posts like that just report it as a spam (flag it).

ohhh lol ty

Just be careful lol the Netflix name and logo is private/trademarked. I recommend changing it to โ€œepiflixโ€.

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ahh thank u! I wonโ€™t be using any trademarked overlays within my story this was just for promo Iโ€™m just unsure if its allowed to stay on episode forums

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Do u think id be able to keep it up on insta?