What if.... Everyone in the world disappeared?

So, here is a question…
What if every other human being in the whole world mysteriously vanished one day, leaving you completely alone? What would your first reaction be? What would you do? Where would you go? How would you live? Who would your friends be? Etc…

I want long thoughtful answers, and I want to hear how you think you would cope. Humans are naturally social creatures, we go insane if we don’t have steady human relationships - consider the character of Wilson in ‘Cast Away’ who was treated like a friend but was just a volley ball - would you try to find/restart the human race? would you find animals instead? And what about the rest of the world left behind? There are so many things to consider, and I’m curious, so I’m asking everyone…

What would you do if you suddenly became the last human on the planet?
Serious answers, go!

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Way to take the pressure off, LTea.

I don’t know how I would initially react, because I have never been in a situation remotely similar.
Assuming, I didn’t freak out and do something stupid, the following is what I would probably do next.
I would drive to town to get supplies. Once I got there, I would have to do a lot of walking because the roads would be blocked in many places.
Then I would find a place that would be more practical in a world without power companies than my own house.
That should not be difficult, as people where I live frequently have woodstoves rather than central heating, and there is a not insignificant Amish community nearby.
Depending on the time of year, I would do my best to dehydrate, can, or freeze any fresh food products I could.
I doubt I would be thinking of repopulating humanity in time to visit the nearest sperm bank (over six hundred miles away), and I would probably assume that there were others left somewhere that I just don’t know about. In time, I would try to look for them.
As I would not have to contend with anyone else for resources, I would have a supply of non-perishable goods to last me a lifetime.
I would also raise some animals and try small scale farming, and perhaps learn to do it on a larger scale as well–in the unlikely event that I ever felt the need.
Game is abundant where I live, and I shouldn’t have a problem obtaining enough ammunition to last me forever.
I would likely keep more than one pet. Cats and dogs for companionship and to keep the mice away, and donkeys to scare off the wolves.
I would probably talk with God quite a bit too.
Between animals for physical companionship, and God and books for mental companionship, I would hope to remain in relative sanity for most of my days.
Much of my day would be spent working. I would need to collect wood for winter, tend my gardens and livestock, preserve food, and try to keep my home clean and well-lit.
I happen to know where a bee farmer lives nearby and would keep bees.
Clothing would not be a concern.
There would probably be greater consequences of the loss of humanity, but I would be powerless to stop them.


I would raid everyone s fridges


i would hang with ALL the dogs

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I would play despacito on max volume

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I would go to sleep for as long as I want.

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I’d probably row out to the middle of a lake somewhere, bring along a bottle of tequila, my sax, and some Bach.

Shameless Heathers reference but honestly I think JD’s onto something here… except maybe substitute Bach for RATM, and we can ditch the sax altogether.


cancels end of world