What inspired you to write?



What inspired you to write a story or to even join the episode community? , forgive me if I sound nosy
Share your ideas here, your opinions, stories, and let’s make this topic as user friendly as we can thank you


I always enjoyed writing stories and I love episode. When I found out that the coding isn’t as difficult as I thought, I started writing. And I started writing on Episode because I read many stories, but with every story there is one thing that happens (e.g. the MC says something) that I wanted to be different. If I write my own story, this can’t happen.


What brought me to the community was those ridiculous click bait ads (you know the ones).

What made me start to write was when I started to get annoyed at my choices getting rejected in featured stories (example. Choose to stay home, but BFF still forces me to go to the party), so I was like I’m going to write one but I’ll actually follow through with choices.




Nice, I kinda see your point of view


Haha, truly inspired 100%


I like writing and I love reading stories. So I though why not write my own story, I though it would be so much harder to get the coding then it is. There are still things I’m learning!


Yeah I got introduced to episode through those ads, but I started writing after my mind started with tons of ideas


Same, we learn from our mistakes, I’m here struggling to just get those fades correct, it should be easy right, but not for me, the backgrounds fade, then pop back up, then finally showed the background I want


It tuck me for ever to get layering down were my person would walk were I wanted them to with out looking like someone was standing on them or them standing on someone lol. but it gets easier as you go. I had a lot of help from people on here and you-tube! When you do your fades how do you put them on your script?


It’s literally all about the place right now I’m just trying to find a way, but usually

blah, blah, blah


@transition fade out 4


I’m thinking I should put @transition fade in

, specifically this is part of my script


@transition fade out in 5



@transition fade out black in 4




Okay make sure your fade outs are at the end of the scene for that background.
Then when you fade in make sure they are right after your background you are going into and it will fade in before the scene shows up! :slight_smile:Hope this helped.


I have been reading Episode for a long time. I have always daydreamed Episode stories in my head and also wanted to create my own. I started messing around on the Writer’s Portal, but Coding took me a while. At first, I thought that you made characters talk like this. But mostly because I didn’t read the guides. Once I found out how easy basic coding was, I was hooked. Now I write everyday.
Like a screenplay or something :laughing:




I was like that too, then I finally decided to check out the guides and actually do it right


:smiling_imp: I still have not read the guides for script :rofl::joy:
I need to though!


I was a long time reader of Episode and something I loved doing. Also, I have always loved writing and I had a dream about a story plot hahaa - I wanted to put it into a story. I did apply to the writer portal earlier but I chickened out then plucked up the courage to write. I was so scared that what I wrote was not going to be something others enjoyed - I revamped a story and poured my heart & soul into it. It is now something I am incredibly proud of.

I always wrote poems and stories but to put it into an interactive format was something I found fun to do :blush:


That’s always my fear, is my story will be something no one truly like’s or only 2 or 3 people will like!


Yes, this was something that held me back for a long time but I decided to be a bit bold and do it, haha! Haven’t looked back!

The positive thing is I think both of us have gained readers who do like our work!


Yes, I agree! I have had good feed back! Even when something needed to be fixed in my story who ever was letting me know was nice about it and gave me tips to fix it and also told me things they did like about my story!